A5: Rock Climbing’s Diversity Problem, Part One

Though climbing has made great strides towards gender parity in recent years, there is still a population segment that is largely missing from the sport: ethic minorities. While there are exceptions, like Kai Lightner, a black youth competitor who is among the U.S.’s top competitive and outdoor climbers, climbing has remained a largely white, leisure-class activity. Access Fund staffers Ty Tyler and Curt Shannon chime in to provide some perspective on what can be done to promote the sport as a viable option to minority groups.

A3 – SACC Cochise Stronghold Adopt-A-Crag

The Southern Arizona Climbers Coalition held their annual Cochise Stronghold Adopt-A-Crag event on September 26, 2015, in the East Stronghold. Their objective: put in place erosion control techniques to fix and prevent further damage to the Rockfellow Group approach trail.

UPDATE 10/7 at 3:03pm – added 1080p version